About Us


Stir It Up Cuisine is owned and operated by Patricia Kiernan, a native Jamaican who has cultivated the art of Caribbean cuisine through family recipes that have been passed down through the generations.

The Islands offer a unique collection of foods. Blended with herbs, spices and indigenous ingredients, our recipes are spicy or mild, reflecting the taste of the individual, and promise to tantalize the most skeptical of palates. Enjoy our Caribbean menu that incorporates a fusion of cuisines from the Islands reflected in our stews, hot Jamaican curries, and rice and beans derived from African influences. We also prepare traditional meals cooked with a Caribbean flair.

In addition to the catering side of Stir It Up Cuisine also has a retail arm. Click the shop tab to purchase our pepper jelly collection (in orange-mango, lime-zest, and original) as well as our scrumptious cheese torte.

Caribbean people love to party, the only excuse needed is good food and music! If you’ve been to the Caribbean, our dishes will surely bring back fond memories. If you haven’t, enjoy the experience!

Simply DELICIOUS!! A very tasty 'kick' with so many meats and on sandwiches too. This is a must have in your fridge!

- Marlene Ross Khouri